Filip Topol Died Today

Today, June 19 2013 at 1 pm died Filip Topol at the age of 48. He died at home.

Filip was born on June 12 1965 in Prague. His father was the dramatist Josef Topol, his grandfather was the writer Karel Schultz and his older brother Jáchym is a famous poet and writer.

Filip Topol founded the band Psí vojáci (Dog´s Soldiers) in 1979 togehter with his classmates. The band became one of the leading groups of the Czech underground before 1989. Filip was the singer, the piano player, the composer and song writer.

“In 1979 we performed at the IXth Prague Jazz Days at Folimanka. We were not an undergound band back then and we were not really interested in becoming one. I imagined that we are going to play a nice concert with an athmosphere that I knew from my favorite records. The following month I was summoned to Bartolomějská (secret police headquarters) for the first time. My mumm had to go with me because my ID card was not valid any more. That is where my idea began to crumble. Four interrogations were sufficient to dig us deeply to the underground. However, I am grateful that it has happened. It was a great school of life. In those time existed a true friendship and the undergound was a ghetto where people held together.

Probably the best known song of the band Dog´s Soldiers are the Razorblades. A movie bearing the same title was made in 1994. Filip became its main character. The band played until 2011. Last year they recorded three new CD´s. Another concert that was supposed to take place in the frame of the festival United Islands was planned on this Friday.

Band: Psí vojáci (Dog´s Soldiers)

Song: Razor Blades

Song: I am Sleepy


The Chemistry Gallery

chemistryYou are welcome to join a workshop on Saturday June 22 in the Chemistry Gallery at the exhibition of the legend of Prague street art and grafitti Jan Kaláb (Point). You can also join him in painting the outside wall! The workshop takes place from 2 to 6 pm and is free of charge.×180-cm-coal-steel-candid-arts-london-2012)

Opening at FotoGrafic

Reminder: An opening at the Gallery FotoGrafic that we visited takes place tonight. It starts at 7 pm and is followed by a jam session.


“I can’t remember where exactly in the dessert it was – but it was an unusual view. There was a group of dry date palm trees standing on flat sand with regular spacing. Their color was identical with the color of the surrounding parched landscape. According to the locals, the level of underground water had started to sink and as a result the ground started to fail. In any case, the place started to be dangerous. Roy Innu, an old wiry man from a nearby village tried to warn me several times from coming into the palm grove. He told me scary stories about people falling somewhere in the deep and shouting desperately for help from the bottom. But we both knew I would come there to have a look one day. In the end, I spent several days and nights between the sleeping trees but I didnít find any holes or pits there. But still, I felt a slight tingle in my legs; after all, Roy could have been right. But who knows..”

Michal Adamovský (1982), FAMU. He has won fellowships and participated in workshops in Marseille (Antoine de Agatha, MAGNUM Photos), Luxembourg, Jerusalem and Stuttgart. He is engaged in copyright law in photography and has given a lecture on that topic within the exhibition Controversy in Rudolfinum, Prague. In 2013 he won a two-month scholarship for the research of this subject matter in MOMA and ICP, New York. The exhibition in Gallery Fotografic is a metaphorical show of forbidden places, not only in a desert but also in each of us.


Trafačka USAC June 2013



The artists represented at the exhibition Black Bile all have a lot in common. Visually they reveal a sensitivity for the expressive and symbolic, while in terms of content they explore personal themes on the border of utopian visions (Alena Anderlová and Igor Grimmich), dark corners of the unconscious (Jakub Janovský and Martin Salajka), and the eroticism of charged motifs (Jakub Hubálek, Martin Krajc and Tomáš Němec). The surface reveals the primary element of their collective interest, i.e. an understanding of painting as spontaneity, without a political-social context or a deeper interest in the evidence of their own position on the contemporary art scene. The fact that all of these artists are representatives of narrative painting, which at present is often ignored on the Czech art scene, is of secondary importance to them. Instead, what is important is the need to share something, to discharge their melancholia, or black bile, which is represented by a different level in the temperament of each of them.

Alena Anderlová, Igor Grimmich, Jakub Hubálek, Jakub Janovský, Martin Krajc, Tomáš Němec, Martin Salajka

Physical Theatre

Farm in the Cave

Teatr Novogo Fronta

Spitfire Company

Spitfire Company, Trials:

krevet 374325_10201204378777572_1481522863_n


A café in the middle of nowhere. A meeting of four women. Deren, Lee, Toyen and Joyce are getting ready for a demonstration in support of prawn freedom. Referencing forgotten female artists of the Surrealist movement, Spitfire Company launch into a multifaceted exploration of the human ability to appreciate different viewpoints on art and femininity and to reconcile oneself with them. By utilizing post-dramatic approaches and post-modern dance techniques, the creators strive to discover the physical and visual language of contemporary Surrealism. In cooperation with American choreographer and tango dancer Sharna Fabiano, Spitfire Company deconstruct the principles of Argentinean tango in order to find a new poetics of contemporary dance and theatre.

​Written by: Petr Bohac Directed by: Mirenka Cechova Choreographed by: Sharna Fabiano Starring: Marketa Vacovska, Jindriska Krivankova, Patricie Porakova, Tereza Havlickova & Robert Janc Musicians: Cecile da Costa, Mathiew Gautron  Music composed by: Cecile da Costa, Mathiew Gautron & Matous Hekela Set design: Petra Vlachynska, Barbara Wojtkowiak Light design: Martin Spetlik Film projection: Mirenka Cechova