Trafačka USAC June 2013



The artists represented at the exhibition Black Bile all have a lot in common. Visually they reveal a sensitivity for the expressive and symbolic, while in terms of content they explore personal themes on the border of utopian visions (Alena Anderlová and Igor Grimmich), dark corners of the unconscious (Jakub Janovský and Martin Salajka), and the eroticism of charged motifs (Jakub Hubálek, Martin Krajc and Tomáš Němec). The surface reveals the primary element of their collective interest, i.e. an understanding of painting as spontaneity, without a political-social context or a deeper interest in the evidence of their own position on the contemporary art scene. The fact that all of these artists are representatives of narrative painting, which at present is often ignored on the Czech art scene, is of secondary importance to them. Instead, what is important is the need to share something, to discharge their melancholia, or black bile, which is represented by a different level in the temperament of each of them.

Alena Anderlová, Igor Grimmich, Jakub Hubálek, Jakub Janovský, Martin Krajc, Tomáš Němec, Martin Salajka


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