Filip Topol Died Today

Today, June 19 2013 at 1 pm died Filip Topol at the age of 48. He died at home.

Filip was born on June 12 1965 in Prague. His father was the dramatist Josef Topol, his grandfather was the writer Karel Schultz and his older brother Jáchym is a famous poet and writer.

Filip Topol founded the band Psí vojáci (Dog´s Soldiers) in 1979 togehter with his classmates. The band became one of the leading groups of the Czech underground before 1989. Filip was the singer, the piano player, the composer and song writer.

“In 1979 we performed at the IXth Prague Jazz Days at Folimanka. We were not an undergound band back then and we were not really interested in becoming one. I imagined that we are going to play a nice concert with an athmosphere that I knew from my favorite records. The following month I was summoned to Bartolomějská (secret police headquarters) for the first time. My mumm had to go with me because my ID card was not valid any more. That is where my idea began to crumble. Four interrogations were sufficient to dig us deeply to the underground. However, I am grateful that it has happened. It was a great school of life. In those time existed a true friendship and the undergound was a ghetto where people held together.

Probably the best known song of the band Dog´s Soldiers are the Razorblades. A movie bearing the same title was made in 1994. Filip became its main character. The band played until 2011. Last year they recorded three new CD´s. Another concert that was supposed to take place in the frame of the festival United Islands was planned on this Friday.

Band: Psí vojáci (Dog´s Soldiers)

Song: Razor Blades

Song: I am Sleepy


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