Trafacka Party December 5, 2013

Join a mega street party celebrating “7 Years of a Permanent Abolition of Trafacka” with an art opening and a catalogue release. The party starts at 7 pm. Dress code: Santa Nicolas masks (dress as Saint Nicolas, an angel or a devil).

Music bands performing: Obec (Community), ASIO, Printer, Ježíš táhne na Berlín (Jesus Invades Berlin), Lazy Eye & Easy Die etc.

Artists exhibiting: Martha Cooper, Epos 257, Jan Kaláb aka Cakes aka Point, Marek Nenutil – Openmindz360, Jakub Nepraš, Pasta Oner, Martin Salajka, Sany, Vladimír 518, Jan Wolfchen Vlček, Petr Voříšek, X-Pes, Jan Zajíček, et al.

First 100 beers are free.


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