Yes Men


WTO and Protests

“Cops even used kind of shooting-teargas guns upon us. I’ve been doing protest since more than 20 years in France and it’s the first time i’ve ever seen such a thing. So at first, when i saw many of them flying in the sky, i thought they were only smoke bombs. Then the whole Place de la République got completely invaded by teargas, and cops started beating the shit out of people. But protesters stood very strong, there’s been great solidarity and when cops tried to extract one by one people that they had surrounded, all protesters would hold on to that person and managed several times to prevent cops from taking them, while shouting “bisous-câlins, bisous-câlins”, which means “kisses and hugs, kisses and hugs” – a peaceful slogan aimed to make obvious the ridiculousness of such repression toward non violent protesters.”

People’s Assembly on Dow-DuPont crimes of Genocide and Ecocide

Find Your Best Skills and Do What You Must, Don t Make the Future Happen To You, Make It


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