Sozansky on Havel

Series of portraits of Václav Havel painted by Jiří Sozanský were executed shortly before Havel´s death in 2011. Here is a free translation of Sozanský´s reflection on this intriguing meeting and pictures of some of the large scale drawings.

The cycle of drawings has been iniciated by my last meeting with the president at the beggining of November 2011. I first met Václav Havel in 1984. I have always been interested in his writings that I find to have something in common with my own artistic work. I have been working on the problematics of a man in an extreme situation under a totaliatarian regime since my university studies . … During the last days of Havel I saw an intriguing mixture of suffering, kindness and reconciliation on his face. sozansky odchazeni 1sozansky odchazeni 3sozansky odchazeni 4


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