Inovative Education

There is a number of alternative schools in the country, unschooling beeing very popular. I can introduce you some people if you would be interested in the subject. What are you doing during the spring break? If you have time, you can join a seminary in Intuitive Pedagogy that at Koneprusy near Beroun that I am attending, even for just a day, and interview some of the participants – lecturers interested in alternative education from the entire country and from Germany and Slovakia.

The links are in Czech and English – just put the Czech one to the translator to get a sort of an idea, if you wish I can translate you or explain some, e.g. during a skype meeting.

unschooling:Naomi Aldort, US psychologist and author of a basic must-have book Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves. She has been coming frequently to the Czech Republic during past few years. Here are some videos :

Sweden: Solvik, Intuitive pedagogy – my son attends an alternative elementary school in Prague, that is based on the principles of intuitive pedagogy. This movement was started about 40 years ago in Sweden by Pär Ahlbom and Merete Lovlie. There is a great movie on him Autonomy instead of Adaptation (Autonomie Statt Anpassung) made by John Geiter a Uwe Hanke but I can not find an English version. Here is something in English – if you d be interested in Non- Violent communication, I can provide a number of links and my personal explanations on Marshall Rosenberg

How Schools Kill Creativity, Sir Ken Robinson:;search%3Atag%3A%22tedxuniversityofnevada%22


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