Petr Nikl

I recommend you to come to see one of the performances of Petr Nikl to the gallery

Petr Nikl is highly original visual artist, musician and poet. He uses the elements of children play. His performances are simultaneously soft and powerful, minimalist and captivating.

On Wednesday October 12 at 6pm he is going to paint with the use of electric bugs on rice paper with the sound of african kora and clockworks played by Jaroslav Mugrauer.



Rock in Opposition

The movement Rock in Opposition was formed in the 1970´s and gathered left-wing oriented interprets that were revolting against the monopoly of big recording companies. They were refusing the rock cliché and bombastic rock shows. They were first to refuse anglo-centrism in music as promoted by the market and media.

Art Bears, zleva Chris Cutler, Fred Frith a Dagmar Krause, 2. pol. 70. let

Their best known recording is The World As It Is from 1980. The best known musicians are Chris Cutler and Fred Frith, former members of the group the Henry Cow.

San Francisco Underground 1970´s

After the dissolution of the hippies movement of the 1960´s into many directions under the pressure of establishment and commercialism started to emerge new bands that were negating the flower era. Frank Zappa started to produce music with sarcastic texts that was filled with electronic experiments and often music anarchism. These bands wanted to be apart the rock and pop mainstream. They were spiritually close to the European movement Rock in Opposition. The New San Francisco Underground did not gain any attention in the US but it became a cult in Europe

The Residents are probably the best know anonymous band in the world. They wore the eyeball heads during their performances in order to conceal their identity. Interprets that recorded with them never met them in the studio, they report on getting instructions via walkie-talkie. The Residents were new in using the recording studio as a music instrument by itself.