Beyond Psychedelics Week and Crazywise


Petr Nikl

I recommend you to come to see one of the performances of Petr Nikl to the gallery

Petr Nikl is highly original visual artist, musician and poet. He uses the elements of children play. His performances are simultaneously soft and powerful, minimalist and captivating.

On Wednesday October 12 at 6pm he is going to paint with the use of electric bugs on rice paper with the sound of african kora and clockworks played by Jaroslav Mugrauer.


Voina and Russian Performance


Russia co-opts radical shock art




Physical Theatre

Farm in the Cave

Teatr Novogo Fronta

Spitfire Company

Spitfire Company, Trials:

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A café in the middle of nowhere. A meeting of four women. Deren, Lee, Toyen and Joyce are getting ready for a demonstration in support of prawn freedom. Referencing forgotten female artists of the Surrealist movement, Spitfire Company launch into a multifaceted exploration of the human ability to appreciate different viewpoints on art and femininity and to reconcile oneself with them. By utilizing post-dramatic approaches and post-modern dance techniques, the creators strive to discover the physical and visual language of contemporary Surrealism. In cooperation with American choreographer and tango dancer Sharna Fabiano, Spitfire Company deconstruct the principles of Argentinean tango in order to find a new poetics of contemporary dance and theatre.

​Written by: Petr Bohac Directed by: Mirenka Cechova Choreographed by: Sharna Fabiano Starring: Marketa Vacovska, Jindriska Krivankova, Patricie Porakova, Tereza Havlickova & Robert Janc Musicians: Cecile da Costa, Mathiew Gautron  Music composed by: Cecile da Costa, Mathiew Gautron & Matous Hekela Set design: Petra Vlachynska, Barbara Wojtkowiak Light design: Martin Spetlik Film projection: Mirenka Cechova